Our Staff



Welcome to IntelMed Group Limited (IMG).

IntelMed Group’s executives, physicians, advanced practice providers, and all of our colleagues form the core of this company. We wish to expand on this foundation of caring experts who provide superior clinical and professional knowledge, all to keep our community safe and healthy. We create a supportive work environment in which challenges are always handled jointly, and we emerge stronger as a team. As an organization, we seek to uphold human dignity and compassion for our patients, their families, and one another. We believe that excellent relationships are the foundation of a great healthcare organization.

As we aim to be the largest private, multi-specialty medical group in Jamaica and the Caribbean. IMG is a leading integrated healthcare delivery network consortium that includes IntelMed Group, Signature Home Health Care, MedEast Medical and Urgent Care, and Med Express Pharmacy. It offers a comprehensive range of high-quality primary care, specialty care, urgent care, hospital care, related ancillary services, and pharmaceutical services.

These practices came together because they all wanted to provide high-quality and affordable medical care in the community while also working together in a group practice and a managed-care organization setting. This model offers physicians both the advantages and stability of a large group, as well as the support of a collegial and collaborative medical environment, while still allowing them to perform their duties independently.

We are devoted to maintaining our track record of safety, quality, and value-based care, as well as providing an exceptional patient experience for everyone. Our physicians and staff are true leaders in their respective fields, with national recognition and programs that promote positive improvements in healthcare services through experience and innovation.

We are delighted to have served our communities and look forward to sharing our culture with you in the next years and beyond the twenty-first century.

Yours truly,

Richard E. Gentles
Managing Director, IntelMed Group Limited (IMG).