Executive Health

Executive Health: Programs for Your Company

Protect the team members most critical to your company's success through executive health.

Worried about your top executive getting sick and forced out of work? Concerned about your leadership’s long-term health and stability? With customized executive physicals and memberships for enhanced primary care, our executive health programs keep your most critical employees operating at the top of their game.

Executive Health Programs

What will your employees experience during their executive physical?

We coordinate tests among vendors and plan the day in advance. Your employees just have to show up.
A private lounge and executive concierge to help them make the most of their physical day.
Benchmarking and fresh customization each year.
30+ options customized for each executive to dive deeper into their health (heart, vascular, genetic, stress).
No bills ever go to your employees.
Your company receives one streamlined bill for easy processing.

Help your employees operate at peak performance. Reduce risk. Improve productivity. Build loyalty.

Worried about a key leader falling ill? Need to ensure the business continuity and success of your company? Attract, retain, and keep your most critical employees at peak performance with the IntelMed executive health program.

If you’re ready to offer your most critical employees executive physicals, contact us at 876-679-7033 or email us at [email protected]  A member of our Executive Health Team will contact you via phone or email within 2 business days.

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